Flashback Friday // Couples Edition Part 4 // Jude & Sienna


Sienna Miller Jude Law W magazine

The ridiculously good looking couple – Jude Law & Sienna Miller. They met in 2003 on the set of Alfie & were engaged Christmas Day 2004.



During the peak of their relationship I saw Jude and Sienna as a couple in and around London (once shopping at Paul & Joe where Sienna tried on everything while Jude sat in a chair growing impatient just like every other boyfriend!).  They were also regulars in and around our Nolita store – Sienna was a  Poppy regular!  I  can attest a more striking, stylish, low-key glam couple you will not see.




Shortly after in 2005 – Law was publicly outted for cheating on Miller with his nanny. It was rumored that Miller was also having an affair with Daniel Craig. 


They separated in 2006.


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Currently Loving // Citrus


// Rifle Paper Citrus Print / Loeffler Randall Emma d’orsay flats / Leif Shop Ceramic Citrus Necklace / Fresh Bergamot Citrus Petit Soap / Kate Spade vita riva – francis tote / Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm //

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Inspiration of the Week \\ Corinne Day

Corinne Day (b. 2/19/62 – d. 8/27/10) was an extremely influential British photographer who in the early 1990′s brought a gritty realism to her fashion shoots that was a mind-blowing departure to the glamorous Versace-clad supermodels that were the current style.

(C) Corrine Day, Kate, 1990

Her portrayals of muse Kate Moss in early 90′s fashion stories for The Face and British Vogue became associated with defining the “waif look”.


Day’s raw depictions of scrawny, washed-out teenage models in intimate, vulnerable poses also spawned the negative term “heroin chic” and were part and parcel of the entire Grunge movement.



Far from remaining on the fringe, however, Day shot major fashion editorial consistently throughout the next two decades, sometimes photographing haute couture in shabby chic settings or rendering any one of the “supers” unrecognizable sans makeup.



Sadly, in 2009, Corinne developed a brain tumor. Her friend Kate and other fashion friends raised more than £100,000 by selling photographic prints—in a campaign they titled ‘Save the Day’—in order that Day receive the care she needed, however she died the following year.


Writing in The Daily Telegraph, in late August 2010, Belinda White said, “Corinne opened the door for a whole generation of photographers, designers, models and stylists who suddenly saw that the fashion industry didn’t have to be this exclusive club for the privileged and perfect.”

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Monday Palette


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